Ben T Leung


Playing age: 30 – 45

Height: 5’8″

Eyes: hazel

Hair: brown

Appearance: Chinese/English

Things you need to know about me:

I am British Chinese. I was raised in Miami. I fly helicopters and planes. I have extensive military survival and weapons training. I am expert at a variety of martial arts inclusing Okinawan Shōrin-ryū and Kenpō. I spent twelve years as a professional tennis player. I have a wide repertoire of accents and celebrity impressions.

Some of my performances:

A Very Brief History of Humankind

Fighter pilot

M is for Media

Game show host

Terrorist Ist Mentalist


Serial Killer Council Thriller

Russell Townsend

Burn In Hell, She-Witch

Pancake Marion

The Door to Door Salesman


The Ticket Collector